“Ice Cream” and fruit pops

Frozen Fruit

Champion Juicer or similiar, or Vitamix Blender or similiar

Freeze ripe bananas

When frozen juice the bananas with a blank plate, or blend in a high powered blender.  Do the same for any other frozen fruit.

Berries go very well with the bananas.  Try freezing coconut milk in cubes and process it the same way as the frozen fruit, coconut milk is a blend of coconut water (or juice) and the coconut meat (or flesh-pulp).  Coconut milk will give the ice cream the creamy-ness many people associate ice cream with.  For a raw recipe use fresh coconut, otherwise premade will work well, just be sure to read the ingredients, you want just coconut milk.

For fruit pops, mix the ice cream and pour into pop molds, freeze until hard.

For additional sweetness add agave nectar, stevia, xylitol or other natural sweetener before freezing.


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