Farmers Markets

Berkley Farmers Market - Kashiwase Farms - the best stone fruit EVER!

Oh how we miss those california farmers markets, one day we will return.  I’ve been to markets all over the country and nothing compares to california, it’s all right from the farm, and in most cases the person you are paying is the farmer!  That being said, we have it pretty good in s.e. florida. We have some decent markets, and thanks to Palm Beach Organics we get a home delivery of fresh fruits and veggies.  I’ve also scouted out the local produce stands, farms and neighborhood trees.  The summer is super fun with all the mangoes & coconuts I get off the trees.  There is also a lychee grove in the area – score!   Killer Tomato, a local small produce stand carries local and a few organic items, they are starting to carry more organic too, thanks to customer demands!  If you live near Palm Beach Gardens this stand is a must.  And I ask that you don’t judge it by the looks, it’s an old shack, with hidden gems all over!

Always talk to the farmers at the markets, many aren’t certified organic but grow with organic standards, or better.  Many of my favorite farms in California aren’t certified, but they are far beyond the organic standards, I know this only because I talk to them.

Killer Tomato Co.
2801 Richard Road
Lake Park, FL 33403-1431
(561) 848-9247

Local Harvest is a great website for finding what is locally grown and more.


One thought on “Farmers Markets

  1. Kashiwase!!! I love the way they have the discounted fruits that are the runts of the family. So good and a little birdie told me that cherry season is only a week away!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

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