ABC plus Juice

Every time I make a juice I think of hanging out with our good friend Frank, usually at Josh’s Organic Market in Hollywood Florida.  Having a great conversation, and some laughs, listening to the ocean and watching the waves.  And watching the moon rise over the beautiful florida beach!  So needless to say I make juices often.  Inspired by Josh’s ABC Juice, and added a little twist of my Something Good.  I hope you find your loving space with this juice too.

Lori and Frank enjoying a the view

1 beet
1 apple, green or yellow are usually best
2 carrots
1 large cucumber
3 celery stalks
5 leaves of romaine lettuce
1 starfruit

wash, peel and cut all ingredients into the right size for your juicer.  Run through a juicer, I prefer the Champion or Greenstar.  Drink and enjoy!

If the juice is too sweet for you, use only half the amount of fruit and up the celery, cucumber and romaine.

If you can’t find any starfruit that’s ok, it adds a little something special to the juice but without it this is still a good juice.

Note:  Juice the celery last as it tends to leave lots of shreds in even the most professional juicers.  The beets and carrots stain, so if you juice them first the other ingredients will somewhat clean the staining.

Don’t have a juicer?  Cut up the ingredients very fine, or shred in a food processor.  Blend very well with a hand blender or regular blender, and strain through a multi-layered cheese cloth or nut-milk bag.  Kind of messy but hey it’s an option.


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