Pumpkin Cheesecake

Fat Free Vegan Blog is one of my favorite.  The kid in me jumps for joy every time I get an email that says that a new recipe has been posted.  I’ve made cheesecake with so many different recipes, this one is one of the bests.  I decided this time to make it single layer instead of double, and used canned pumpkin pie mix (sorry Susan V.).  It came out so wonderful.

If your wondering, Chris poured a little maple syrup on the piece and sprinkled some graham crust on top , while it didn’t need it for taste, it sure does work well in the picture.  It was super yummy with the maple syrup though.

vegan pumpkin cheesecake

I used this recipe: Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake on Fat Free Vegan

The difference:

I used canned pumpkin pie mix

I combined the pumpkin pie mix with the cheesecake, so it’s not single-layer.

Thanks Susan at FatFreeVegan for the inspirations!


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