Conscious Cook Tips

Last night while making pomodoro sauce Chris gave me a great reminder on how to be a conscious cook.

Conscious just means being present, aware, and using all of your senses.  Cooking (and living) in this state brings more joy and love, really gives that something special to your food and life.

– Prepare all ingredients first.  Washing and cutting each on with ease.  Get to know each food, how they look, feel, taste, smell, even sound, yes sound!  Chris likes to put one in a separate dish, like you see on cooking shows.  This way you can focus on each step at a time.  Don’t be in a rush, that is usually when we cut ourselves, or burn the food.

-A Tip from Maureen Whitehouse – Have a drink of water before preparing, and have it ready while cooking.  This way you wont feel the need to snack in the process.  Much of the time when you feel hungry, or like snacking it’s really your body asking for water.  Try it, much of the time water will make hunger and cravings go away.


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