Embracing a new me

Yes this is a food blog, and it is also a blog about me.  I’m happy to share “conscious ramblings” with you.  And so I’ll let you in on a little bit of what is happening with me these days.

Well first, Hi I’m Lori, I’m the creator of this blog, and will be doing most of the posts.  Together with my husband and son, we enjoy some delicious food. So many people ask me to share with them how I do it, what food I make, how to make something healthier, and how to live a “greener” life.  So I decided to share some of my knowledge – that is why I started this blog.

In the past few months I’ve been reading a book called Done with Dieting: 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating by Maureen Whitehouse & doing the program as well.  Each day I wake up more and more to the true me, and I am embracing all aspects of myself in the process.  While that may sound easy, sometimes it isn’t.  I have resistance, and instead of fighting it, I’ve learned to watch it and forgive – Let go! Sometimes kicking and screaming, haha.

Who am I? Last August I shaved my head, after a lifetime of mostly long hair, which became part of my identity.  The question I had in mind was, who am I without my hair?  And so I shaved it.  It was liberating, and fun, yet at the same time it was nothing.  I am still me, and now I can love even more of me, because I’m not attached to this hair.  I am not my hair.

When I started Done with Dieting, the question was: Who am I with this weight?  I started to actually love looking at my true self in the mirror, not because I “lost physical weight” because I didn’t.  It was because I let go of lots of emotional baggage – aka weight.

A few days ago a new question was asked.  Who am I without this physical weight?  Here is what I have learned about asking the who am I question.  It’s best to just let life show you and NOT WORRY.  I was very nervous about shaving my head, and when it happened I was just fine.  I was nervous about starting done with dieting, so many questions and doubts, and once I started I was at ease (of course that is really what the program is about).  And so now whenever my ego starts asking questions or trying to get me nervous.  I breath, put on Maureen’s meditation and know that it’s all perfect.  I have no where to go, and nothing to be except who I am now.  I am ever changing, and I embrace every new me that comes forth.

And so the new chapter begins.  Discovering who I am without excess physical weight.


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