Potato Leek Soup

Yukon Gold Potatoes
Italian Seasoning
Bouillon cube

olive oil
sea salt

Put large pot of water to boil.
Wash vegetables.
Peel blemishes from potatoes (or whole skin if not organic) – Cut potatoes in quarters.  Add to boiling water.
Peel off half the leaves of the leek, cut into thin slices width wise.  Add to pot.  Stir
Add remaining ingredients.  If using old only add a small amount.
Bring heat down to medium.  Cook partly covered stir occasionally.
The soup is ready when the potatoes are soft.  Let the potatoes just break apart as you stir.

For a creamier soup stir more often and cut the potatoes even smaller prior to cooking.

Pressure cooker:
Keep the potatoes whole, put all ingredients in the cooker.  Pressure Cook on high for 10 min.   Release pressure, stir and break apart the potatoes lightly.  For a creamy soup cut the potatoes in cubed prior to cooking and stir vigorously before serving.

Serve hot and enjoy.


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