Grilled Lemon Tofu Panini

1 block Firm Tofu
1 lemon juiced
Olive Oil
sea salt
sliced bread (We use DeLand Bakery Gluten free oat bread)
Kale Salad
Sliced Tomato
Mashed Avocado

Equipment – Grill or panini press

Heat grill to med-high.

Slice tofu into thick pieces.  Mix oil, lemon, salt & pepper.  Cover tofu on both sides with liquid.
Cook on closed grill, or on an open grill cook and flip.  It’s ready when golden brown where the grill contacts the tofu.  Remove and set aside.

Grill sliced bread until golden light brown.  Remove and add all remaining ingredients to make it a sandwich.


Options: Dress this sandwich up to your liking.  lettuce, cucumber, seasonings, its your choice.

Panini press – we use an electric panini press, in our experience firm tofu does best when lightly marinated and grilled on a closed press.  Baking or toasting just doesn’t give it the same texture, as grilling does.  As you see from this website this is one of the most used items in our kitchen for cooked foods because food just comes out so nicely on it.  It’s worth the investment, and if you can’t afford to get a fancy one there are many less expensive options that will work just as well, so for those of you who bought a George Foreman grill and don’t know what to do with it, time to whip it out.


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