Hash Browns

To my delight my son ate these hashed browns over the frozen tater tots (accidentally bought them, has salt and oil already) I made for him, just before making this for myself.  He ate 2 and threw the rest out, he’s really getting a taste for low-fat.

makes 1 serving

1 Cup shredded potato, fresh or frozen
dash of sea salt
herbs and spices to taste
dash black pepper

toss all ingredients

lay shredded potato on hot not stick griddle, make it a few shreds thick, to make a thin patty.

If it is a 2 plate griddle, close the top for quicker cooking.

cook on med-high until golden brown, flip and cook until golden brown.

Serve with apple sauce, or other condiment of choice.  We like these plain with a dash of salt.  Well I love them with applesauce, reminds me of the holidays.


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