Rice Milk

Since embracing the McDougall way I have been getting very inventive with our food.  Very rarely do we drink any type of milk (nor do we have dairy), but on occasion J loves coconut milk.  He’s a 3 year old, I’m not concerned with the fat content in coconut for him, nor do I restrict his diet.  However, I am finding that he prefers the low-fat food over what he used to eat. For example, this morning I made him rice cereal, with coconut milk, he ate about half of it.  Then I made some rice milk and made myself some cereal, he ate it up!  I tasted a tiny bit of his while I was preparing it and instantly my face and lips became oily, yuck, what a difference!  My body has become so clear that it will eliminate oil so much quicker.

Rice Milk from cooked rice

1/2 C cooked brown rice
1 1/2 C water
dash salt
opt:  vanilla, dates, maple syrup  (I leave my sweetener out, and add it to the dish instead)

Blend water and rice until only some mush is left of the rice.  Strain twice.  Add other ingredients and mix. Store in refrigerator.


Rice Milk from raw rice

1 C uncooked brown rice
4 C water
dash salt
opt:  vanilla, dates, maple syrup

Rice Cooker:
Rinse rice
Cook water and rice in rice cooker until done.  Blend, add more water if needed.  Add sweetner, dash of salt, &/or vanilla.  Store in fridge.

Bring water to a boil, add rice.  Bring to boil, stir occasionally.  Take off heat, set aside, covered, for 3 hours.  Cook again for approx 20 min, or until the rice is very soft and sticky.   Blend & strain 2x.  Add sweetner, dash of salt, &/or vanilla.  Store in fridge.


Add water to taste, the less water, the thicker the milk will be, the more water, the thinner.  The flavor will be more mild the more water added while blending.

The strained rice can be used for a mushy rice cereal, just add sweetener and enjoy.


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