Left-over Ideas – Rice

It’s a very rare occurrence that I have left-over cooked rice, however with the change of season, and our embrace of potatoes and sweet potatoes the brown rice I made isn’t getting eaten.  Now time to get creative!

here are some ideas on what to do with left-over rice

un-fried rice & veggies, in a pan add water, soy sauce, seasoning and chopped veggies.  Cook until veggies are tender.

Soup!  Add to any vegetable soup.  I keep my rice in the fridge and add it to soup when the soup is nice and hot, the rice cools down the soup and the soup heats up the rice.  It’s a perfect addition to a veggie soup, especially one that doesn’t contain starches.

Cereal – Blend rice with boiled water, just enough to make a mushy consistency.  Add some maple syrup, cinnamon and berries.  For additional sweetness mash a banana.  If the rice is not soft enough cook for a few min on low after blending with water.

Freeze it – did u know rice can be frozen.  This works well with brown rice.

Milk – blend with hot water and strain.  Add some vanilla and a pinch of salt.  Stays fresh for about 3-4 days.

Add to salad – (kale avo salad pictured) – rice makes the perfect addition to a nice salad.


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