Family fondue

Chocolate fondue face

1 bag semi sweet vegan chocolate chips
hot water
pretzel sticks
pineapple, cut into chunks
strawberries, halved
sliced bananas
other fruit of choice

Prepare fruit plate.

Heat water & pour into a large glass bowl, put a smaller bowl in the water, be sure the water level is below the top of the small bowl, so water doesn’t get in. Add the chocolate chips to the small bowl and stir continuously until the chocolate is melted.

Put the small bowl on the table with the food to dip with.  Forks are optional, we had fun dipping with our hands.

This is a very fun dish for children, my toddler loved it, as you can see from the picture.

For left-over chocolate or for a fun gift idea.
Lay a piece of parchment or wax paper on a baking dish, dip fruit, pretzels, and other food into chocolate (can also dip into sprinkles or coconut shreds after the chocolate) & place on dish,  One the dish is full cover and refrigerate  until chocolate is soft.  Serve cold.


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