Conscious Rambling – Santa

This post may not have to do with food, but it sure has to due with health, at least in a consciousness aspect:

A friend on facebook recently posted a comment about why they should tell children that gifts are from Santa, and I this is what came to my heart to share with her and now with you, enjoy!

As children we believe in the miraculous, because that is our truth, however we are conditioned to forget. Santa is the symbol of the joy of giving and miracles. Parents get to play out that part and experience the joy with the children. ……

There are some beautiful stories about Santa. The commercial marketing is just like anything else in our society, skewed, but underneath there is a true gift that can be shared if one can see it.

After all Santa is a Saint!

As for telling your children that gifts are from Santa, well perhaps there is another way to put it, that they are receiving gifts in the Spirit of Santa or “Saint Nicholas who used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering.” In giving we receive, and the joy that your children receive from getting these gifts is the joy you wish for them to pass on to others.

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