My Tea Corner

The Labeling Has Begun

I have always wanted to have shelves full of nicely organized and labeled foods.

After visiting Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens, having a super-yummy raw apple pie (more like apple pie on apple cheesecake with a bit of ice cream on top-like I said YUM!), and taking in the simple yet beautiful ambiance, I was inspired to start prettying up my kitchen cabinets!  I love it so much I decided to leave the teas and sweeteners on the counter.

This is just the  beginning!  I’m even going to put new labels over stuff that has labels. OH THIS IS FUN!

Christopher's Kitchen
Christopher's Kitchen (notice shelves of glass jars, filled with deliciousness, and they are all labeled)


My inspiration may be a clean white airy kitchen (see photo above), and one day I shall have such a kitchen, but for now I’m happy to experiment with white labels on fancy paper over mason jars.

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