Are you joining the fast?

My life is a message. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Have you heard about the fast?

More than 4000 people across the US have joined in solidarity in a hunger strike to boycott the GOP’s devastating budget cuts to programs that assist the poor and the hungry while at the same time increasing defense spending.

I have done numerous fasts, some as long as a full month. I know people who have done much longer.  I feel the mis-perception about fasts is that one gets weak, however a SPIRITUAL FAST is one that would enliven a person.

I have lots of experience with fasting. I’ve typically done extended fasts – for 10 days or more – at least twice a year. And I often fast at least one day a week. So I know the experience of fasting need not be debilitating and exhausting  but can actually be not only invigorating, cleansing, but centering and clarifying to the mind and opening to the heart – if done correctly.  ~ Maureen Whitehouse

To learn more about Spiritual Fasting and about this amazing statement being made right now by so many, check out Maureen’s blog, she is giving The Soul-Full Eating Guide to Spiritual Fasting as a free gift to say thank you to those joining in.


Did you know about the Purim fast?

Earlier in the Purim narrative, Esther risked her life by appearing before the king without permission. But first she asked the Jews to fast with her for three days.

We commemorate these fasts every year by fasting on the day before Purim, a fast which is called Ta’anit Esther (the Fast of Esther). If Purim falls on a Sunday, the fast is observed on the Thursday beforehand.Fasting is simple. If you are healthy and over the age of bar or bat mitzvah, don’t eat or drink from dawn  until after the Megillah reading on Purim night (or, if the fast is moved up to Thursday, after nightfall). source

And then there is Mahatma Gandhi

In an attempt to persuade the orthodox Hindus to wipe out the “blight of untouchability”, Gandhi undertook fast in the summer of 1933 for three weeks. … source


It is in the darkest hours that a shining light is ever more bright.

Will you make your life a message to?


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