Ethos Vegan Kitchen

1235 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL, 32804

Overall: A must when in Orlando, everyone we have taken here like it.  Sunday Brunch is excellent.

We pass through Orlando every few months when going to visit C’s family on the west coast, and this restaurant is the highlight of our drive.  Last week we went to see a friend in Orlando for a few hours and had to take her here, she loved it so much she went back a few more times the next few days she was in town.

We have had so many meals here, so I’ll highlight our favorites, but honestly I love everything we’ve had here.

Sunday Brunch:

Every week there is another special dish.

Tofu Scramble – $7.50 – comes with sides too.  Was the best tofu scramble I’ve EVER had in a public establishment.  Comes very close to my favorite that we used to have while staying at an Ashram.  Perfect flavor and textures.  Makes for a full meal.

Cinnamon French Toast – $8.95 – On the specials menu, so they only have it once every few weeks.  I had this once and every time we make it for Brunch I keep wishing they have it, that’s how much I loved it!  If your lucky enough to be there the Sunday this is served then you are in for a good meal.

Brunch Sides:

Biscuit – $1.50 – Seriously I want to learn how to make these as good as they do, they are just perfect Biscuits.

Regular Menu:

What’s the Dilly, Philly? – $7.95C’s favorite, we got it on our last trip and everyone had to try it, it really is good.  Seitan is the perfect texture, and the mix of veggies and vegan cheese was perfectly grilled.

Coconut Curry Wrap – 8.95 – Our friend got this on our last visit and I was so inspired I made my own version a few days ago (recipe coming soon).  The perfect amount of spice and flavor.

vegan cheese Pizza – $10.95 – the sauce was very good, and the cheese melted right, something that honestly lots of places get wrong.  J ate 1/2 the 10″ pie himself.


Chips and Salsa – 2.95 – I liked the chips, but wasn’t too hot on the salsa, we got this a few times and salsa usually doesn’t get eaten.

Cole Slaw – (no price, was a side option for sandwich) – I am a lover of Cole Slaw and this one did not disappoint.

Dessert: limited to cookies, cake and short bread

Double Chocolate Cookie – $1.50 – Was an great cookie, we had to get some for the road.

Ginger Snap Cookie – $1.50 – I’m not a lover of ginger cookie but even my son was eating these up.  Great Flavor

Chocolate Cake – $2.50 – It was good, but def eat it before the cookie, I ate it before and after and before it was a nice flavor and moisture, after the Double Chocolate Cookie I was too wowed to enjoy the cake.

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