Mi Vida Cafe

7244 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL

Overall:  very over priced, bland food, cute atmosphere.

I’m very hesitant when giving a bad review, after all this is a vegan establishment, and I love supporting my fellow veg lovers.  However I do feel it’s necessary to share my experience, I do hope others have a better experience than I did.  I recommend that the owner have a tasting with some independent parties that can give her an honest opinion.  We gave her some feedback, and to the server, but they seemed surprised.

After reading the glowing review on Meatless Miami I was so excited to try this new restaurant, unfortunately this place didn’t live up to the hype, at least for us.

I’ll start off with what I liked about this place, it was cute, and looked like the kind of place that one could get a great vegan meal, very clean, and the outside garden was very cool to sit in.  The menu and pics on it are really nice, impressive, as is the website.  The set up looked very minimal.  According to Meatless Miami:

MVC boasts that their kitchen has “no microwave, no frying, no preservatives, no GMO food, no hydrogenated oils, and no high fructose corn syrup.” They also are buying produce from local distributors


Hibiscus tea – I liked it
Home-made Yerba Mate iced tea – It was good.


Sizzling Seitan Al Chimichurri – $7.50 – 10 pieces of flavored seitan on skewers. – The texture was so wrong, like soft rubber.  I made me understand why some of my non-veg friends don’t like vegan restaurants, telling me of soft chewy mock meats, this is one of those.  I can’t even comment on the flavor because once I felt the texture I couldn’t eat it.  C felt the same.  We returned it.


Arugula, Pear, and Beet Salad – $7.00 – Tiny salad, paper thin pear and beet, only about 6 slices of eat, and a small handful of arugula dressed in Olive Oil, and sprinkled coarse sea salt.  All night I kept questioning C as to why someone would serve a bland salad with coarse salt.  I didn’t like it at all.  Salt on a salad should be by choice only!  The size of this salad was as I said, tiny.  I am a salad lover, and this was just not a salad to love, or even like.


Vegan Mushroom Seitan Sloppy Joe! $16.00 – here is the description: “Portobello mushroom confit, braised seitan, spinach, almond romesco. Served on our home made “back to Morocco” bread.”  C ordered this, and I didn’t even read the description on the menu, otherwise I would have told him no way, this is NOT a Sloppy Joe.  I even told the server what a sloppy Joe is, but she disagreed, well they disagreed with everything we said about the food, they even said the seitan was supposed to be that texture, WHAT?!  Notice the name of the dish even has a ! at the end of it, HELLO????  This should be called sausage or steak and peppers.  And yes it was very sloppy, on that tiny roll that was hard to bite in to.  Certainly not a $16 sandwich, it didn’t come with anything but the sandwich, for that price, a rip off.  C said he felt taken advantage of.  If he would have known what he was in for he would have never ordered it, I really wish I would have read the menu a little more – we only had one menu.  This was the same seitan as the appetizer, the sandwich came out first, and the seitan in it was in small strips, which made me feel the texture was ok – especially with all the veggies, but I would have never touched it after having the appetizer.


Raw Cheesecake – $11 – was the special.  J, my toddler son, loved raw vegan cheesecake, he kept asking the whole time so we decided to get it for him.  When he gets hold of a on of these he will devour the whole piece in no time.  Well this one he ate only a few bites.  And believe me he wanted it, once he got to eating it he didn’t like it at all, in fact he spit it out after a few bites.  I had a few bites, it was bland.  I believe it had blueberry and mango in it, two of our favorites, but we couldn’t taste it.  perhaps some sauce on it would have helped?  The crust was very cookie like, makes we wonder how it was made and if it was raw – which is always a good thing, if in fact something really is raw.  As a note, the server was weary of having us get a whole piece just for him, she said it’s a big slice, and no it wasn’t a big slice, it was a normal slice in my opinion.  The price def should have been a few dollars cheaper.

Peanut Butter Cookie – $1.50 – This was actually the first item we got, J took a few bites and lots interest.  My cookie loving son?  I felt it was good, but not great.

Chocolate Chip Cookie – $1.50 – Dry, Bland, one bite and I wanted to spit it out.


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