Christopher’s Kitchen

4783 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
T (561) 318-6191

Overall- A must!  One of the best places around.

I was so excited when I found out that a new vegan raw restaurant was coming to town that as soon as I found out they opened we went, and have been back many many times.  I will note that we have been to raw restaurants all over the country and this one is right up there tied with my favorite – Cafe Gratitude.

The atmosphere is simple elegance.  Open space and you get to see them preparing the foods.  Sometimes they have samples out, as they have a line of packaged raw foods they make on the premise.  The owner Christopher Slawson is really nice, and has learned from the right people on what works for a raw restaurant.  They incorporate green practices, from the glass water containers on the table, to the mason jars, and they even compost the scraps.

The prices are what I would expect, especially considering that, as the website states: “Our produce and ingredients are purchased from local organic farmers and sources that utilize sustainable farming practices.”  Some friends have told me they feel it’s a bit overpriced – yet they go back for more, I have to admit we try to save this place for special occasions because of the price, but have gone just because we wanted such great food and happily pay for it.

The refrigerator case has the desserts on display and chocolate bars, even in animal shapes, J always goes to see what’s in the case.  We haven’t tried any of the chocolates yet, but they look so good.

The Menu:  It looks to be seasonal and being a new restaurant they are responding to the customers, so the menu has changed a few times, the specials are always worth checking out too, as they have always been good.

I did notice that the food is better when Christopher is there, my friend said the same thing.  When he is there the food is consistently good.  Once I went and he wasn’t there, the food was still good, but didn’t have his special something in it, I’m guessing it’s all the love he puts into what he does.

They had Sunday Brunch, which I believe they ended for the summer, we never got to try it, but the pics on facebook looked amazing.  I hope to try it some day.

The Service:  Be prepared for a little wait, as everything is prepared fresh, but it’s not too long of a wait, and well worth it.  The staff is all very friendly and helpful.

The Food:

Mezza Platter (not currently on menu, so I don’t know the price) – Tabbuleh salad, humus, chips, this was a hit with everyone who tried it.

omega chips – 13.95 – My new favorite, the dressing has the best flavor. Even my non-veg mom loved these

falafel salad – 17.95 – romaine, falafels, tabouli, creamy tahini, red pepper hot sauce, my mom & aunt ordered this, and wow, it was impressive

avocado caesar – 14.95 – crisp romaine, rosemary parmesan, avocado, caesar dressing – I felt it was a little too much dressing and slightly bland, I’m not a lover of ceaser to start with, but C is and he said the other salads are better

thai wraps – 13.95 – savoy cabbage, mango, basil, cilantro, mint, almond ginger sauce, I get this almost every time, I even crave it, when I find out exactly what is in the amazing sauce it’s going to become a staple in my house.  (Please have a class Christopher!)

apple pie – 9.95 – apple cinnamon compote – ala mode 1.00 – J’s favorite, he won’t eat the apples, but C & I happily do, I love the apples so much that when I went with my mom Christopher gave us a free dish of just the apples.  J gets it with ala mode, and will finish this up himself.

vanilla love – 10.95 – vanilla ice cream, vanilla bean, banana, fresh nut milk – J drinks this one up.  Smooth, great flavor, and refreshing, a great thick shake!

sundae – $14.95 – The one we had isn’t on the current menu, but it was amazing, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, this got eaten up so fast.

Chocolate cake – I believe this was a special, as it’s not on the current menu.  A rich piece of cake, and the flavor was amazing, like a really great brownie but raw and vegan!


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