Consciousness Blossoms

Consciousness Blossoms Palm Harbor FL, Sri Chimnoy

3390 Tampa Rd,
Palm Harbor, FL

Overall: Vegetarian with lots of vegan.  Good prices, good food. Breakfast and Lunch, with Dinner only on friday nights.

When we go see C’s family on the west coast of Florida we eat here every time. They  close for 2 weeks twice a year, check website for the exact dates, I see on the current menu it says: Annually closed the middle two weeks in April,
the last two weeks in August and October 10 -12

The Atmosphere:  Very casual, indoor and outdoor seating, we usually sit outside just because it’s usually such a nice day and shaded.  There are Sri Chimnoy products for sale, and free cards on the table with quotes and his beautiful drawings.

The Staff:  They are all dressed in Indian sarees. I did find out that they all come from a local ashram, the meditation teacher is Sri Chimnoy.  They are all women from what I can see, and very pleasant to be around.  When they are busy there is a bit of a wait for the food, and we did have to ask for water and silverware.  But when they aren’t too busy everything has been good.

The Food:  Simple, and good.  Once in a while there is something on the specials that intrigued us, wondering if it’s good by the description, and C usually gets it and likes it.  But everything else has been very straight forward, so it’s easy to know what your getting.  C’s family likes this place too, we recently took his niece for a 6th birthday breakfast, she was so excited and really enjoyed it. I’m a lover of breakfast, I could eat it for every meal, so this place was a fast hit with me.

Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes – 3 large … $7.95 2 large … $6.25 1 large … $4.50 – we usually get it with bananas and walnuts.  Hands down some of the best vegan pancakes I’ve had, and whole wheat, they got it down!  Request pure maple syrup.  We always share these, they are large pancakes, sometimes we only get 2 and it’s enough.

Tofu Scramble – Hearty portion of crumbled tofu, spices, grilled red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh garlic served with our European breakfast potatoes and multi-grain toast (toast served dry or with soy margarine for our vegan guests) – $8.75 – C usually gets this, and I usually steal it from him.  Really good. We ask them to omit the mushrooms, as we don’t eat mushrooms, and they have always given it to us just right.

Oatmeal – with soy milk $3.75 – I put some of my maple syrup from the pancakes and J ate it up.  Just what it says, oatmeal!  While this is pretty straight forward it’s so nice that I can get just plain simple oatmeal.


2 strips of Bacon (soy) $2.25
2 Sausage Links (soy) $2.75
we usually get a few orders of each of these sides because we all really like them, my niece honestly thought they are real meat.

Drinks: had the typical breakfast drinks, oj, milk, soy milk, all fruit smoothies,

Hibiscus Cooler – Refreshing organic blend of rose hips, hibiscus flowers, lemon grass, orange peel brewed with lemon juice and honey – $3.25

Lunch – We usually get breakfast items, but C and his family have ordered a few lunch items, but I don’t remember what, put a good pancake and tofu scramble in front of me and I’m not really paying attention to much else.  I do remember C getting a bean burrito that was on special one time and he really liked it.

C’s family has had the waffles and omelets and they like them.  I really don’t remember anyone not liking anything we have had here.


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