Loving Hut

2101 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL, 32803


Overall:  mostly chinese food, while the menu says healthy, compared to the non-veg counterparts they are, but still there not as healthy as I expected, with all the fried foods.  Good food, good prices, great statement.

Part of a vegan fast food chain all over the world.

The Atmosphere: Simple, clean, causal, they have a tv playing Supreme Master Television, which is a vegan station.  I find it distracting so I try to sit as far from it as I can, but the programs are usually pretty nice and informative.

The Food:  A few healthy items on the menu even some raw, with lots of fried chinese favorites like golden tofu and spring rolls.  All very good, and tastes as I expected.

The service:  You order at the table and find your own seat.  Which I actually like.  They staff was well informed on what is in each dish, as we asked lots of questions, since we (well mostly me) don’t eat certain things, like mushroom, onions, garlic, they happily accommodated us.

Raw Avocado Salad, Avocado, pineapple, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh ground pepper – 9.95 – for the price the portion was a little smaller than expected.  Good flavor, I had them omit the onions.  It’s not always so easy to get a simple raw salad in a vegan place, so I was happy to enjoy this one.

Spring Rolls – $4.95 – typical fried veg spring rolls, they are good.

Ocean Basket w sweet potato- $12.95 – fried sweet potato and vegan shrimp.  I didn’t like the “tarter” sauce, but the dish was ok.

vegan corn dogs – $4.95 – I was intrigued, so I had to get it, we didn’t like it. But then again I’m not sure I’ve ever likes non veg corn dogs.

Healthy Rice with Pine Nuts – $10.95 – We both liked this so much that C let me have it

Quinoa Eggplant – $9.95 – While C isn’t a big fan of Quinoa, we both loved the eggplant.

We did get a smoothie and dessert, while I remember them being good I honestly don’t remember which ones we got.


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