The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen West Palm Beach

509 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 820-0144

the info on facebook shows the website as, but it gets redirected to a place in another country

Overall:  Some good dishes, but it’s been hit or miss

Whenever a vegan restaurant opens nearby I am usually there within a few days of the opening, I was so excited about the Raw Kitchen, especially since Soma closed right when they opened.  So far it’s been hit or miss with this place.

We went a few days after they opened and it was too packed, it’s a small space, and they had lots of music, not the type of place to be in with little ones.  We went with a friend who has 2 little ones, and left to go to Soma down the block, which is when we found out Soma closed.  We went back later for dessert.

The Atmosphere:  Elegant, Upscale, yet casual,  Small, but cozy.  Great lighting, loves the smells from the kitchen.  Friendly staff, not too long of a wait considering everything is fresh.

The Price:  Expensive, yet what I would expect for this type of restaurant.

The Food:  As I’ve mentioned already it’s been hit or miss.  We have only eaten a few dishes there and after the last dish we decided to not go back.  I am not a lover of garlic, especially raw, and they completely ignored my asking them to for no garlic. Menu is typical of a raw food place,

Since the website isn’t online I don’t have any prices or exact dish names to give

Chai smoothie – C loves chai, but he drank a few sips and wouldn’t drink any more.  He said it just wasn’t good.

Pad Thai – This dish was so wonderful we didn’t even care about the chai.  We even decided to order a different dish because it was so good.

pasta Primavera – this is where everything went wrong.  I asked the waitress about preparing it without garlic, she asked and then assured me that they would do it, so we happily ordered.  The dish came out pretty quickly, and on first bite I went from happy to sad, and a little sick.  You see ever since my ashram days I have avoided garlic, especially raw, after not eating it for months it’s hard to have it again.  Sometimes I can eat it cooked, but sparingly.  Raw garlic is something I never liked, but now it’s something my body just can’t handle.  I didn’t go into that much detail with the waitress, but I did tell her that I can not have garlic at all.  This dish was loaded with it, even C, who is happy to have garlic said it was just too much.

we had a dessert there when we went back that day with our friends, but we all took one bite and didn’t finish, it was nothing special, so much so that I can’t even remember the name.  I believe it was a tart.

I had a drink with the dessert, I’m pretty sure it was chocolate milk, I do remember liking it.

We may try this place again if we happen to be in west palm and are hungry, after all the pad thai was really really good.  I just will have to make sure C tastes everything for me first.


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