Internal cleansing

Written aug 21, 2011

Most religious traditions have some sort of fasting ritual. It’s talked about in ancient text, like the Vedas, and is a common practice for those in the natural hygiene-raw food world. After many years of doing different cleanses I know the importance of this practice, not just to stay healthy, but to heal the body and illness, and to clear the mind too. Cleansing went from a physical practice to a spiritual one for me. I often wonder why this isn’t commonly used by most people, really so much sickness and disease could be avoided by regular internal cleansing. When we have a cold, or fever, or disease, what is happening is our body is going through a healing crisis. And when one cleanses, even without the illness symptoms, it gives the body a chance to use the energy used most of the day for digesting, that energy then is use or healing.

About a year and a half ago I learned about the master cleanse and I was intrigued. I’ve tried many different types of cleanses, water-only fasts, raw foods, enemas, Ayurvedic pancha-karma, 24-hr religious fasts-no food or water. The list goes on. Everyone was a great experience and taught me so much, mostly about my relationship w food and how that connects with my emotions.

I have to admit I remember hearing about people drinking this lemonade drink and though what a crock, but all that changed when I read The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs. In all my experience w natural hygiene, raw foods and alternative healing this one slipped by me until that fateful moment. Soon after I found his full book, Healing and The Age of Enlightenment, the Master Cleanse being just one section of the full book. If Stanley Burroughs was alive today I would def go learn from him, this man was surely on to something, thank you Mr. Burroughs for this great contribution to the world.

My first experience was about 30 days, and it was amazing. When I was a raw foodist I came to a point that I had clarity of mind and peace in my heart, there was nothing to weigh me down, it took weeks to get to that point, and I have had a hard time sustaining the lifestyle long term. But on the Master Cleanse I hit that point in just a few days. Yes I had detox symptoms, and made sure to get lots of rest on those days, but then I felt estatic, alive, free! I have done this cleanse many times already, sometimes for a few weeks and sometimes only for a day when I feel run down.

Now that I am pregnant I won’t do a full cleanse, I’ve changed my diet to eat foods that are easier to digest, but once in a while I need a boast. Here is what I do:

Mini cleanse:

Night before bed: yogi tea get regular 1 cup. Or traditional medicinals smooth move
Morning: salt water flush- 32 oz water mixed w 2 tsp of salt.
I drink the flush and wait near a bathroom, be warned this will make u go to the bathroom a lot. Wait at least an hour until u leave the house, may need longer. I wait until it has been 15 min since I’ve last gone.
Morning meal: 2 Tbsp lemon juice fresh, 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup, 8 oz water, pinch of cayenne. This is one serving of the mater cleanse lemonade. I generally have about 3 for breakfast. this can be taken after the first bowel elimination.
Lunch: 3 servings of the lemonade or light fruit
Dinner: salad greens w fruit
Next day- eat light foods.

This one day of cleansing has been a savior on many occasions, it’s amazing to experience how much is stored in the colon and what a relief it is to let it go.

I have friends who have done colonics and the salt water flush, they tell me the flush is much better, not only is it cheaper, but it’s gentle on the body, and feels more thorough. Also it is something one can do any time.

The tea is pretty important to do the night before, in my opinion, the lemonade is great but I don’t always do it, sometimes I just have lots of citrus and fruit all day. So I’ve found the key is the flush.

I have also done this mini cleanse for preparation for parties, when I do I have an easier time choosing the foods that are right for me and tend to eat less.


2 thoughts on “Internal cleansing

  1. I am trying this mini cleanse tonight into tomorrow. I bought the Yogi Tea which I just drank and the salt water tomorrow. Heres to hoping everything works out right..heheh..This is my first one…:)

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