Lemon as deodorant

You read that right! I’ve been using lemon for many years as a deodorant. I cut a fresh slice and rub it on, it’s that simple.
I joke that just about the only reason u will see me in a bar is to freshen up w a rub of lemon under my arm.

This will not work as an anti-perspirant-it won’t stop sweat, just the smell.

Being a mom I’ve had my fair share of time where I couldn’t take a shower for a day or more, and I never needed to reapply the lemon, only every time I shower or go to the pool. It also works best when applied right after I washed. There have been days I’ve forgotten and applied later, it still works, but not as well.

I have noticed that when I eat Indian food or pungent strong spices a few days in a row I sometimes get a slight smell, even if I wash daily and apply lemon. Some smells are just that strong. But it’s not as bad as if I used a regular deodorant or nothing at all.

I also wear natural fabrics which help with keeping me dry. Another gross sharing- back in my corporate days I used to wear a lot of rayon, polyester, etc shirts, and I would have to stuff paper towels on the side of my bra so it sat under my arm to collect all the sweat- and this was when I used regular anti-perspirant. Finally I decided to switch to natural fabrics and I’m sure glad I did. Yes I perspire, but not nearly as much as w those fabrics. And now thanks to the lemon when I do sweat I don’t smell! Recently someone gave me a rayon shirt, and I wasn’t thinking, so I wore it for a few hours and started to notice a slight smell, my husband didn’t smell anything, but I have a strong sense of smell. That evening I took a shower and used every soap I could find. Then lemon, in the morning I still smelled it, so another shower, this time I took a super hot shower to sweat it out. Finally that evening I took yet another shower and the smell was finally gone.

Happy underarm no-smell to you!

Next post will be the many other uses for lemon, no just for food.


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