Eggplant types, how I finally found success making eggplant.

We’ve recently embraced the eggplant, after years of bitter results, we have finally found ways of making eggplant that is good. the key was the type of eggplant:

Sicilian eggplant: the most common type, long and thick, is the one we always bought, this is the most difficult one to use, especially in vegan dishes. The key to taking out the bitterness is tomato sauce. The easiest way has been to cube it and cook it in a tomato sauce. Another successful way has been to steam it. Salting, frying, grilling and baking jut haven’t had good results.

Indian eggplant: small, egg shaped. Has been successful in every way we’ve made it, there is no bitterness in this little jem. The only down side is the size, especially considering the next type. Also can be difficult to find.

Chinese eggplant: long and skinny. Also very successful in every way we’ve made it. No bitterness, so no need to salt it, it can even be used when the white inside part is still partly green. No need to bread it when grilling or frying. I’ve found this type fairly easy to find in small produce markets and farmers markets. Asian, Latino and Indian markets typically have them as well. I’ve even seen some grown really long, but haven’t used that type yet.

Now to eat my sabbich sandwich!

One thought on “Eggplant types, how I finally found success making eggplant.

  1. Hey Lori đŸ™‚ I’m surprised that you’ve had difficulty with bitterness in sicilian eggplant even after salting them. When I do it, I use a generous amount of salt and put them in a collander which I set in the sink or over a pot/bowl. After they sit for a while, a purplish/brownish liquid starts to seep out of them (which is why I put them where it’s safe for that liquid to run off). Then I rinse them really good to get rid of the salt and they turn out great. That’s really the only kind of eggplant I’ve ever used, though, so thanks for the tips as to other types. I’ll have to branch out!

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