Children in the kitchen


Joshua using cookie cutters to make baked fries.

My 4 year old is going through a growth spurt and this time he’s become very particular and limited about what he wants to eat, so to get some more variety in him I have to get creative. One way to have fun with preparing food is with cookie cutters. He is much more excited about the food when he gets to partake in creating it, and when it has shapes that he likes.

Some more ways to get your children involved in food prep:

anything messy, I make date Carob balls with super greens powder, he loves to help and get his hands all sticky. Same goes for the no bake thumbprint cookies.

Use a ketchup bottle with colored pancake batter and have your child create a masterpiece!

Smoothies are a great way to get your child involved, have them pick out what ingredients they like and they can even help with the blender or hand blender. My son will even scoop in his own super greens powder.

A butter knife is a safe way for your little one to learn to cut, soft fruits like banana, ripe pears, etc.. Are perfect for this.

Melon ballers! Now that is fun for my son! And develops some fine motor skills too.

Mashing potatoes

Adding veg food coloring to just about anything can make it fun and appealing for kids.

Animal designs can be simple or complex, I’ve even seen books specifically for food animal designs for kids to create, plenty of ideas on the Internet too.

Bring your child around another child that they like who are eating foods your hold doesn’t like. My son was crazy for strawberries all summer but hasn’t touched one (except to put in a smoothie). Yesterday my niece was enjoying some and my son joyously ate then up with her. My son also won’t touch carrots, but he tried one when he saw her eating it.

Enjoy the fun and being creative with the children in your life.


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