The cycle of life

this post was written back in May when a good friends mother died, and I’m just now re-reading it, there is much more I want to share but this pretty much sums it up, it is incomplete but I felt it too valuable and feel its time to share.
I also want to credit Maureen Whitehouse, for much of what I know is by her sharing her wisdom!

Let me point out first why I would choose to write about life in a food blog, well for anyone who knows me, and now you will be one step closer reading this, I live life consciously. In the past few weeks so much has happened that has brought my attention to the cycle of life, newborn babies, pregnancies, illnesses and death. I’m taking this opportunity to share another perspective, one that you may have heard, or not.

We are born into this earthly life through birth, and are taken out of this life by death. Both are miraculous, one obvious, the other not so much. This life is a dance, and when we allow ourselves to be guided by OUR inner-most truth we get to joyously join in. For so many of us we just don’t see that, we look at people doing this divine dance and say they are just crazy, I’ll be here doing doing doing, but when is it time for you to BE! As the saying goes, we are human beings, not human doings! So sit back for a moment, can you hear the song? can you see the dance? We are all hear to bring heaven to earth, yet we each bring our own piece of it, not matter if it looks like hell or heaven, heaven is our ultimate goal. Heaven is not a place, it’s a state of being. Look deep within any spiritual text, and you will see this truth.

As I said it’s obvious that birth is a miraculous event, but what about the rest? Some people see every day as one day closer to death, others never think that such a thing could occur – ask a child.

When something tragic happens, should we choose to, we can receive an amazing gift. Yes it can be hard to see that, and yet again maybe it’s not so hard, if we stop and just be with the moment. Asking God for guidance and to purify your perception.

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