Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

Vegetarian Restaurant By Hakin

73 NE 167th St
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
(305) 405-6346


We found a great place for a healthy and super delicious vegan breakfast. Even my son, who won’t eat tofu was chowing down on the scrambled tofu. And the pancakes, superb!

I was too busy enjoying my food and talking with Hakin, the owner, to pay attention to prices, but I do know that we spent $30 for 3 meals plus drinks and cupcakes.

The whole experience was great, the food was freshly prepared and came fairly quickly. The restaurant is very casual, with lots of products – even fresh produce, many of which are very hard to find, for sale on displays around the place. It was clean and welcoming.

Getting to know Hakin was a treat, he truly loves what he does and spreading his message. When he saw us bless our food he told us now the food is double blessed, he is a 7th Day Adventist. He shared some spiritual and health messages with us. I love when the people preparing my food have this mindset, it lets me know my food is prepared with love!

I was impressed that they had a sugar cane juicer, so you know we had to try it, soooo good!

We will be going back when in the Miami area. Looking forward to trying the lunch and dinner items.

Our Meals:

Blueberry pancakes, appeared to be made of whole wheat, perfect flavor and moisture.

Chocolate pancakes – my son ate these up!

Berry Smoothie, Cane Juice, Coconut water

Scrambled tofu, came on the platter, with salad.

Scrambled tofu in a baguette, we loved the tofu so much we ordered a 3rd meal, it was a great sandwich, the bread was toasted.

Chocolate cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake


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