Vegan “honey” mustard dressing

I’ve started what I’m calling the Colic-free diet, and have taken so many foods out of my diet, which means its time to get more creative. More on the diet in my next post. Today I ran out avocado for my salad and one of my favorite dressings (pre-vegan days) is honey mustard, do I came up with this simple one:

Mix equal amounts of Dijon mustard (or mustard of choice) with agave nectar.

I found just a tad bit more agave then mustard was perfect for my taste. Every mustard is different so make it in whatever proportion tastes good to you.

Great with baked fries, as a tofu marinade, dressing, Sandwich condiment, the list goes on…

C informed me that for a French fry dip mixed with ketchup is great!



(I know it’s a lame picture, but hey its something, with a 1month old and 4 yr old I’m just happy I have a picture!)


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