What if he wants to eat…

What if he wants to eat —? (fill in the blank w some non veg food)

I get this question a lot. My 4 year old has been vegetarian his whole life, because we are. We strive to be vegan, he loves cheese though, and strive to eat as healthy and consciously as possible. I’ve had many occasions that people have wanted to give him foods we just don’t eat, or eat sparingly, and I usually distract him with something else, sometimes i will say ok, But since he turned 4 he wants it! Well at least the vegetarian stuff. And sometimes it gets a little crazy, especially the sugary stuff.
Well a few months ago he wanted to buy a toy and we put him on commission. We have a list of 5 things he can do to get a quarter:
-clean his room
-brush his teeth and water floss
-have a good day in school
-get himself dressed
-sit properly in his car seat

Well he got his toy! And it’s been a very positive experience. Now he keeps asking for pizza. We give in once in a while, but now I tell him he can have any food he likes, he just has to pay for it. And as I type this he has made his 2nd purchase- a pizza pie. All 10 slices just for him.

So how do I answer the question of what if he wants to eat…?
He has the right to choose to eat whatever foods please him, and I have the right to buy or not buy it for him, and now he can buy it himself and I am just fine with that.

After all it is HIS choice, all I can do is guide him, have healthy foods available, and support him in his growth as an individual.

I will add that most of the time he has no choice but to eat what we are eating, and sometimes he’s not so happy about it-sometimes he is, either way he eats it!

Here he is enjoying sugary yummies at a birthday party.

And here he is snacking on a carrot.



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