Sushi fun

I call these monster sushi rolls! With organic brown texmati rice, agave nectar, salt, cucumber, avocado & nori and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

I put too thick of a layer of rice, but actually I like it!


Cook the rice, I used texmati organic brown rice

Slice veggies and filling long and thin

Cover the sushi mat w plastic wrap on both sides.

When rice is done and still hot mix in agave nectar and sea salt.

Spread rice onto mat.

Stick in freezer

Toast nori in a dry frying pan on low, or VERY quickly in a toaster oven.

Remove mat from freezer, should be warm or cool but not hot.

Place nori on top of rice.

About 1/4 way down, laying perpendicular (opposite direction) to the precut markings on the nori, put some filling. Make the amount of filling equal all the way across. Don’t over fill, the filling should only cover 1/8 to 1/4 of the space, and lay across rectangularly. (if you need to, look up how to make sushi, to be clear).

Fold over the mat, starting from the edge closest to the filling. Roll tight and peel back the mat as you go, as not to get stuck inside the sushi roll.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Cut the sushi roll from top down, into 6-8 equal sized pieces.

Serve w soy sauce, Tamari, ginger miso dressing, lemon, or your choice of condiment.


This was a fun experiment making sushi balls, since my son peels out the nori sometimes.


It been some time since I last made sushi, It was like learning to do it all over again. A few notes:

-cover the sushi mat in plastic wrap, saves a big mess and makes it easy to roll the sushi. Normally the nori is put on the mat, then a thin (lol) layer of rice), then flip, etc… In this case that’s not necessary, put down a layer of rice directly on the plastic wrapped mat. Then the toasted nori, then veggies… Etc.

-A sharp big knife is key. I used a serrated carving knife to cut the sushi.

-kids have lots of fun w sushi, sticky rice, filling it, rolling, they really can take part in all the steps. The sushi balls are lots of fun for kids too, have them put pieces of anything they like in it, like chocolate chips, raisins, seeds, the list is endless! So happy creating đŸ™‚


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