Gluten free vegan oat pie crust

I’ve always been a little intimidated by pie crust. Growing up I remember my mom making the dough from scratch and eventually switching to a premade frozen crust. Pie, especially apple, has a dear place in my heart, as my mom made it a lot. She had a special way of making it, and no other pie has come close, I figured out it was the love she put into her food. If its one thing my mom was known for, it’s her love! My sister Shawn has now perfected my moms recipe, and I can taste the love!

So in memory of my mom who became my angel 1 month ago yesterday, my husband and I made this delicious pie crust for a quiche. I will def be making apple pie with it!!!

9″ pie dish, greased w coconut oil
Preheat oven 400 degrees
2 square pieces of wax paper (min 10″)
rolling pin
Mixer, blender or food processor

3/4 C Rolled Oats
1/2 C All purpose gluten free flour (I used Bobs Red Mill)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
3 Tablespoon Coconut oil
3 Tablespoon Rice Milk (or any non dairy milk)

Preheat oven and grease the pie dish
Combine oats, flour and salt in food processor (blender or mixer will do-I used a vitamix).
Blend until oats become a fine to medium coarseness flour.
Add oil and milk until its full incorporated and becomes a dough consistency.
Remove and form into a ball.
Place on one piece of wax paper, cover with the other piece of wax paper and roll into a 10″ circle.
Remove top paper.
Transfer into pie dish, wax paper facing up.
Remove paper.
Lightly press into dish
Cook for 10 minutes
Remove and allow to cool before filling.

Can be stored frozen in an aluminum pie dish, be sure to wrap it and place in a large freezer bag.



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