Baking tips, cupcakes

When baking cupcakes did u ever find that the paper sticks to the cupcakes and sometimes you have to cut it out?

Well here are some great solutions
-use parchment paper cupcake liners. Parchment paper doesn’t stick and will help cook the cupcakes on the outside. You can also reduce the oil or butter in a recipe when using them.
-use silicone cupcake pan. I love my silicon spatula and cupcake pan, nothing sticks to them, so no need for a cupcake liner, they come in cool shapes, mine are hearts, and less oil is needed in the recipes. They hold in moisture so they will make the cupcake more moist.
-oil a non stick cupcake pan and skip the liner. Another tree friendly option.
-use coconut oil instead of butter or any other oil, its a healthy oil to use and gives a buttery flavor. (if replacing slated butter, use salt and coconut oil). Also coconut oil will help keep your ingredients from sticking to the pan, when used on the pan or in the batter.

There you have it! Happy cupcake making!



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