Cookers, a must have in my kitchen

I’m a busy momma, and let’s face it whether your a mom or not we are all busy. So how can we make healthy wholesome meals when we don’t have the time? My answer- invest in a rice cooker and an electric pressure cooker.

At one point we had no pots in our house, now we have 2 small ones for boiling water and heating small things. The only thing I use to cook was is my pressure cooker and rice cooker. With the pressure cooker being electric I don’t have to worry about it being hot on the stove or blowing up because I didn’t seal it right. I can even release the pressure at any time, cook anytime and it will keep the food warm, or set a timer so it starts cooking exactly when I need it. Hot meals at my convenience.

We eat lots of quinoa, oats and brown rice, with a rice cooker it’s a no brainier. Mine even has a steamer basket! Many one pot meals can be made in it, and all dry grains. I’ve even made polenta and pasta in it!

My pressure cooker has a rice cooking setting, but I found having both saves me lots of time as I usually am making something in one while the other is cooking.

Here is the best part, for most recipes I can walk away after I put the ingredients in!!! Being a mom that’s really handy.

Ok actually the best part is that almost all of our food is made fresh! And I save money.

Instead of buying cans of beans I buy a one pound bag of dry beans and have so much more, most dry beans cook in the pressure cooker in 30 minutes. I can soak if I want to, or add a piece of kombu seaweed or a tiny sprinkle of baking soda and it reduces the gas.

If you can only buy one, go for the pressure cooker, since it can do everything.

Happy healthy eating!



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