Quinoa Farina

Farina, oh the memories, snowy NY mornings, a dash of chocolate syrup… yum!

These days I try to make everything I can vegan and gluten free, raw is a plus. A few days ago I got the idea to blend quinoa and see what happens, to my surprise it became a farina constancy and taste!

Cooked or sprouted quinoa
Almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
Maple syrup or sweetener of choice (dates best for raw)
Sea salt

Blend all ingredients until smooth, a hand blender works best, be aware it’s very sticky.

I didn’t put measurements because it really depends on how smooth or chunky you want it. For chunky put just a small amount of almond milk, just enough to wet it. And for smooth and thin add as much almond milk as quinoa. Everything else is to taste.

And if you want a special treat, like how my mom used to make it for me, add some cocoa powder or chocolate syrup just before serving. For fun, stir into a swirl.




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