Cheesy garlic pasta sauce

I did a search the other day for : what to do with leftover rice pasta water. I didn’t find anything specific to my search, so after days and trial I figured it out.

Whenever I cook rice pasta I’m left with very creamy thick water. I had a few thoughts on what to do with it:
Mix with water and dates for rice milk
Add to smoothies for creaminess

However I think this creamy milk is best used for savory sauces. I made a tomato sauce with some mixed in, it def tones down the acidity of the sauce. Tonight I made this yumminess, cheesy, vegan, garlic sauce

1 pot of left over rice pasta water (pasta separated) -also best if cooled over night, gets even thicker
1 T olive oil
1 clove garlic finely chopped
2 T nutritional yeast
2 t turmeric

In a medium sauce pan cook the garlic in oil until it gets lightly gold, when the smell gets strong.
Add the nutritional yeast and turmeric, stir quickly and add pasta water.

Stir until mixed well. Blend with a hand blender (optional-this is great for little ones not to find the garlic pieces, and to make sure it’s mixed well)

Mix in a large pot with pasta. Let it sit a few minutes so the sauce absorbs into the pasta. If using wheat pasta slightly under cook it-al dente softens in sauce.

You can also mix this with a can of tomato sauce when heating.


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