Cauliflower rice

McDougall and weight watchers would no doubt love this one! ZERO 0 ww points and no added fat!

1 large fresh Cauliflower
Sea salt or seasonings to taste
Non stick pan or pot w a cover
Box grater

Wash the cauliflower removing all the leaves, keep the rest whole. I like to wash it in soapy water and then rinse a few times.
Grate the head of cauliflower, with the large holes on the grater. A box grater works well for this. It will look like little pieces of rice.
Heat your pan/pot on medium and sauté/steam the cauliflower until it becomes translucent, it will start off smelling slightly like a skunk, but will change to a slightly sweet smell.
If you do not have a non stuck surface use small amounts of water (or oil if you aren’t on Weight Watchers or McDougall).

Serve as you would rice, goes great with steamed greens, stews, or plain!


I know cauliflower sounds kind of funny this way, but it sure is versatile, you can even make it masked like potatoes! I know a few people who can’t (or just choose not to) have rice or potatoes, well now you all have a healthy replacement.

I have been trying to make a good vegan low fat cauliflower pizza crust, but haven’t figured out the right recipe yet, soon… I do think this rices cauliflower would be a great pizza topping though.

Some other ways to make cauliflower:
Break it apart and bake with lemon on it.
Grill with a touch of oil
Mix into a casserole
Make a layer or two of it riced on lasagna
Raw is great too, but tends to give lots of gas

Happy clean eating!


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