Homemade Low-Fat Chips

On a whim I decided to try making my own chips, and they came out great!

My son was slicing some boniatos to make baked fries and he wasn’t pushing down on the potato in the food processor, so half came out super thin and half thick. So I decided to try making chips!


Potato of choice, I happened to be using this white sweet potato-boniato.
Sea salt
Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

Peel the potato (if organic you can leave the skin on, just wash well).

Using a mandolin or food processor cut the potato paper thin.

Place in a large bowl. Toss in a small amount of oil and salt, enough to barely coat the pieces.

Heat a fry pan on medium. Once hot place slices on the pan next to each other, do not stack them. Remove from heat as soon as they start getting golden brown. Be sure to pay attention as it will cook very quickly. Only remove the ones that are cooked, some will take a little longer than others.

Allow to cool for a few minutes without layering. Once cooled place in a covered container until eating (if any last).

Items of Interest:
I came across this interesting book: Boniatos Are Not Boring by Richard Grayson – I found out that boniatos are known as a South Florida tropical sweet potato!  Yup I will be growing these when I have the space.  We eat about 2 large Boniato potatoes a day!


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