How to clean a dryer stained with crayon

One sleeping morning while emptying the dryer I got a green surprise. A green crayon made its way into the dryer. On the bright side, if we wanted to wear green for St. Patricks Day, we had plenty now.
I searched the Internet and what I found actually frightened me, seriously why use Wd40 in a dryer? Too much of a risk in my opinion.

So I searched my house instead and here is what worked…

-scrape off any pieces.
– Run the dryer for a minute on hot.
– put a few cups of hot water and a few sprays of Clorox green works all purpose cleaner (I knew I would find a use for it some day).
-with gloves on dip a magic eraser or a scouring pad (the rough side of a dish sponge), into the water-cleaner. And scrub.

The hotter the water and dryer are the easier it will come off.

I used a rough small brush for any corners or areas hard to get to w the sponge.

When the dryer cooled off I would turn it back on and while waiting I would dump out the water-cleanser mix and make a new one, so be sure to only make a small amount at a time. It will turn the color of the crayon very quickly anyway.

It took about 5 rounds and some arm muscles. While most of it wiped off easily some streaks took more work.

In my dryer there is a fabric piece that lines the edge of the drum, most of the crayon came off it, however it is still stained green. I tested the dryer many times and it hasn’t stained any clothes. I will go back in periodically and clean that piece again.

As for the clothes.. Well would I wear this?

No I wouldn’t.
Even the black clothes had bright green on them, and every piece has lots of staining, so nothing was really worth the effort in trying to clean. They will make good smocks for gardening, art projects, etc…


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