How to keep apples from turning brown

When a good friend was visiting, her daughter was eating perfectly colored apple slices. I thought to myself, that must be a super fresh apple because not since I lived in California have I had an apple that didn’t turn brown within minutes of being cut.
I then noticed something was in the container with the apples, and that is when my friend told me her secret… JUICE!
Genius, just pure genius!

She reminded me how fruit salad always has some sort of juice in it and that keeps all the fruit from turning color.

So I tested it out. All I has on hand was mango juice, and so I sliced up an apple, covered it in a little juice, making sure each piece got some juice on it. I gave my boys half to enjoy, was delicious! And then left some out on the counter, surely that would turn it brown right? No, for 3 days it sat out uncovered and still the apple was perfect in color and was even crisp! I also put some covered apples in the fridge and they did just a little better. Of course we only are the ones from the fridge.

The fun was not only eating apples with a special mango taste but also drinking the juice. Almost any juice will work, apple, pear, orange, mango…

Now this is bottled juice, not raw, but when I make raw apple juice I will test it out. The juice I used was pure juice and water only. I do use raw fresh orange juice in my carrot apple salad which keeps the ingredients fresh.

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