How to make perfect sprouts, with something most sprouting people don’t know about.

I have been sprouting for over 10 years, and about 6 years ago I tried something that changed my sprouting experience for the better. Dare I say my sprouts now come up perfect thanks to this one thing I use, and oddly enough , not many in the sprouting world even know about it, or at least they don’t share this info on websites, that I’ve seen.
What is this magic ingredient?

it’s Hydrogen peroxide!

Before using peroxide my sprouts would smell, take a long time to sprout, mold quickly and spoil pretty fast. Once I started using peroxide that all changed!

Now understand I’m not talking about the peroxide you find in the supermarket or pharmacy. Those contain stabilizers, and are for topical use only, meaning don’t use them on food. Stabilizers are used to keep the potency of the peroxide and give it a long shelf life. While it sounds appealing, perhaps?, it’s not what you want on your sprouts or in your body.

The only peroxide that should be used on sprouts (and in my opinion for anything) is 3% food grade.

I purchase 35% and mix 1 part peroxide with 11 part distilled water.


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