Inspiration from my 5 year old

This morning my son had tears in his eyes, telling me that he wants daddy to be home with us. I told him to ask G-D for a way for us to have money so Chris can stay home. Tonight Joshua offered to help clean and cook. We washed dishes together, this is a first! And then made his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

I usually do it mostly myself when making anything “with” Joshua, he will dump a few things here and there into the mixing bowl and fling food all over the kitchen while stirring, but tonight Joshua was on a mission. He was attentive and enthusiastic. All the while telling me funny stories, what a great co-chef. Why had I not done this before? Oh yeah the mess, which tonight was significantly less. He even said to me “Mommy you are my Best friend ever! and Daddy and David too.”

As the second batch was ready to go in the oven Joshua decided to cover them in chocolate chips. I left him to play while I prepared the rest of the batter. He was having a blast, placing each one carefully, but then decided he wanted to push them inside and filled each cookie on the sheet with chocolate chips.

The 3rd batch was ready and Joshua insisted that I sit with him to cover them in chips. He also didn’t want me to flatten them into cookies, he wants them to be mountains. He pushed chips in and happily announced that he had made tunnels. Just as we finished I had an inspiring thought, drizzle some peanut butter on them! We had lots of fun with that. He wanted to fill all his tunnels with peanut butter.

As the cookies baked Joshua started to talk to me about making more foods together. And suddenly it came to me. “Joshua would you like to make a kids cookbook with me, and we will put in all your favorite foods?” He was overjoyed and started dancing around telling me all the foods he wanted in the book and even came up with some clever names, Chocolate Peanut Butter Mountains with Tunnels, Lion Kingdom Pizza. There are about 20 on the list right now, a perfect place to start. I told Joshua we would cook something together every day and add it to our book.

And so starts the beginning of something beautiful. A way to have the whole family together, doing what we love – being together and preparing yummy food!

On a side note, today was also an answer to so many requests I’ve had for the universe.
– a good friend who I enjoy spending time with
– Teamwork, this has been a biggie
– an avenue for creating not only fun times but money as well
-more mutual love and respect between my son and I

Thank You Joshua!


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