The Master Cleanse, important do’s and don’ts I’ve learned after doing it many times.

I’ve done the master cleanse too many times to count, anywhere from 2-40 days. Yes my first cleanse was 40 days. Here is what I have learned from my experience. If you have failed at it, then perhaps this post will help you understand why.

#1!!! The most important thing to do is read the book cover to cover. Make sure it’s The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs. 20151121-143035.jpg

You can even find the PDF for free online (just disregard the first page with the ad in it- I do not agree with that ad, nor do I think it was right of the company to put it in to make it look like it was always there). It’s a very short read, the book can be found at whole foods or just about any health food store, last I checked it was $7. The cover is green. It’s so small it’s actually a booklet.

Use real ingredients, organic if possible.
– Grade B Organic Maple Syrup is what the package should say. No you can’t use Aunt Jemima (sp?), its not real syrup. Read the ingredients! Agave, honey, sugar… None of those will replace using Maple Syrup. The best deal I have found is at Whole Foods, 32 ounces is $20. Just BE SURE IT’S GRADE B.
-the book recommends grade C, which is no longer made. Grade A (I’ve seen it organic in Costco) does not have enough nutrients. I’ve tried using it and always drink much more then when I have Grade B. Grade A just doesn’t ever feel satisfying.
-Special Instructions for the Diabetic from the original book healing for the age of enlightenment (the master cleanse was one chapter in this amazing Burroughs book)

DIABETES is the result of a deficiency diet consisting in part of white sugar and white flour. The lemonade with molasses is an ideal way to correct this deficiency. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY FOR BEST RESULTS. The molasses supplies the necessary elements for the pancreas to produce insulin. As the necessary elements are supplied to the pancreas, the amount of insulin taken may also be gradually reduced — as an example.
ON THE FIRST DAY use a scant tablespoon of molasses to each glass of lemonade and reduce insulin by about 10 units. Daily from then on reduce the insulin as you increase the molasses to 2 full tablespoons per glass. When this proportion has been reached the insulin can normally be eliminated; then replace the molasses with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup in each glass. Make regular checks of the sugar level in the urine and blood to satisfy yourself and eliminate any possible fear. Many people have found they no longer have need for insulin. They must be sure to follow every detail of the recommended diet as explained in the following pages.

-I have used both organic and regular lemons, the price difference is huge. I do feel the difference but it is so slight I continue to use regular and only get organic when its on sale.
-cayenne pepper is fool proof, it’s in the spice isle. You want it to be bright in color but regardless of what you use it will work, the duller the color the less heat. You can read more on my tips on cayenne here

-sugar cane juice can be used but unless u have access to this it can be very expensive.

-Celtic grey salt I have found to be the best for the salt water flush. This is entirely optional, as per the book, but great to do daily in the mornings or on detox days.

-I know people who only so the flush on weekends and some who do it every few days, I even know people who never do it, and all seem I do well. This is something you have to figure out for yourself.

-give yourself plenty of time to complete your flush, it typically takes an hour, but for some it can take 2.

-if your flush hasn’t started coming out in 30 min check your ingredients, 1 quart water to 2 teaspoons sea salt. I have found I need much less if I’m using a dry salt, a wet salt, like grey is perfect at 2 tspns.

-I’ve tried Morton’s canning and pickling and many other salts, they all seem to dehydrate me and I feel bloated, so I now always use Celtic grey sal, any grey salt should do.

-if the flush is hard to drink try using a straw and/or using warm or hot water, my friend found making it hot like soup eliminates the gag reflex, because it’s like drinking broth, well almost 🙂

-I make the drinks 3 servings at a time, as most of the time one lemon makes the 6 tablespoons (or 3 ounces). I start drinking as soon as the flush starts coming out. I also drink with a straw, my teeth prefer it.

-drink as much water as you do lemonade. It’s important to keep your body well hydrated to reduce the amount of detox you experience.

-on detox days a salt water flush will also help, I found one particularly heavy detox day I had to do the flush twice.

– peppermint tea also helps on detox days

-getting plenty of time to rest is vital. You will have high energy days and low energy days. Try not to overdo it on the high energy days, most likely if you do the next day will be low energy.

-light yoga and meditation are great additions, this is a perfect time to connect as your body is not being bogged down by digestion.

-when I did my first cleanse I used traditional medicinals smooth move, OUCH! I tried for many nights and even watered it down and drank half, no matter what I did I got painful cramps. I then switched to Yogi Tea’s Get Regular, it was perfect, so gentle yet effective. I now can drink half a cup very watered down and still get the great effect. As with the cayenne and salt, you have to figure out what works for you.

-if you don’t do a flush be sure to drink the tea in the morning. You should eliminate many times during the day in this case.

Happy cleansing


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