The master Cleanse, Cayenne too hot! Some tips and tricks

I’ve done over 120 days in total of the Master Cleanse. My first, and longest to date, was many years ago and lasted 40 days.

With all this experience I’ve learned some tips and tricks that I’m happy to share to make your master cleanse experience a successful one.

I’ve read about people talking about cayenne being too hot and they can’t drink the lemonade. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

If your not used to eating spicy foods your taste buds will have a hard time with too much cayenne.

So let go back to the original book by Stanley Burroughs.

1/10 Teaspoon cayenne pepper (red pepper) or to taste

My #1 tip to anyone starting the master cleanse or having trouble is to read the original book. It’s a very short read and worth ever letter. “The Master Cleanse” by Stanley Burroughs. Be sure that is the title and author. Many others have come out with “expanded versions”. Some I have found to be good additional info, but going to the original source is best.

Ok so it says 1/10 teaspoon or TO TASTE

You see, he says it right there, to taste.

On the first day start with a tiny pinch. Mix well and taste. You should just taste the cayenne, it should not cause any heat on your tongue. You will quickly learn how much is too much. Every day try adding a very tiny bit more.

Some more tips

– all cayenne is not made equal, this is nature, we cannot expect anything to be exactly the same. Cayenne is measured in heat index. The higher the number the higher the heat. Generally store bought doesn’t have a number. And if your looking for a specific # you probably buy it in bulk and know all about what I’m talking about.
-some people recommend using capsules, it seems to work for them, personally I wouldn’t, I think something is to be said for the wisdom of your taste buds, if it’s too hot for your tongue (which signals and prepares your stomach) then it’s too hot for your stomach. And that being said, we all have our own way.
-only add the pepper just before drinking, the longer it sits the hotter it gets.

Happy cleansing



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