Feeding Kate

2 years ago just after my youngest son was born I met Kate.  A vibrant spirited woman, who visited me once a week to get an ounce of fresh breast-milk for her eyes.  Due to her MS, Kate has some issues with her eyes, namely Iritis.  She found that dropping breast-milk in her eyes provides relief, as well as for any other eye issues.  I know this from being a mom, any time my kids have had eye stuff going on, a little breast-milk and it healed it quickly.

Interestingly enough, about the same time I completed the layout and design for Food: A Love Story, by Maureen Whitehouse.  It’s a parable, 30 days of soul-full eating, and the main character’s name is Kate.  In the book Kate goes through a spiritual and physical transformation.

When my son was 1.5 years I stopped nursing.  Over that time Kate became a dear friend.  I started visiting Kate at home on a regular basis, what a blessing it’s been.  Being in Kate’s home I got to see what her daily life is like.  I kept wanting to make her food, but due to her many allergies I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t use.  And then she asked me a question that has been making some fun changes in my life.  She heard about vegan food helping with MS and then she asked me to cook for her!  I sent her to my NAET physician Kathleen (another Kate!) to find out if she has more allergies she isn’t aware of and clear them all.  A few days a week I bring Kate and her husband a home cooked vegan meal.

I started going through her cabinets and reading labels to her.  I’m taking it slow, especially since I have my almost 2 year old with me.  In the book, Kate clears out her kitchen cabinets, to make room for healthier foods.  My friend Kate has just asked me to do the same.  And she’s never read the book!  Yes I think it’s time.

I trained to be a holistic health coach, and I have many years of vegan food making.  Then working with Maureen and becoming much more conscious in every way.  How perfect that this experience has come.

Now not only is Kate and her husband very well fed and making some changes, so is my family.

I feel so blessed, and inspired.  I know so much more is to come from this, now it’s just proceeding forward, keep dreaming and watching the doors and windows open.   I have been working on a few projects to help educate others on conscious and healthy living.

Food A Love Story, 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating
Food A Love Story, 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating

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