Oil of Oregano-fast acting tooth pain relief & a recipe for an at home temporary tooth filling


Last night I got woken up with pain in my tooth, I’ve been waiting to get a small cavity filled and haven’t been able to yet because I am allergic to an ingredient in the conventional composite material used for fillings.

I also have 2 molars with severe decay (more about why later…) and I need to get them pulled, but am on a candida-fungal infection cleanse, so I can’t have antibiotics for a few weeks, and I would rather not have them at all if I can avoid it.

Here is what gave me near instant relief:

Swished for 10 minutes with baking soda, salt and water mix.
Applied Oregano Oil on the cavity and gum below. It was a 10:1 Olive Oil:Oregano Oil mix.

The baking soda took a bit of the edge off, and within 5 minutes the Oregano oil took away 95% of the pain!

While swishing, I searched for temporary tooth fillings, and finally found it (been searching for some time now).

temporary tooth filling, same as what the dentist uses:

Zinc oxide mixed with clove oil, to form a ball-clay like, insert into cavity and keep as dry as possibly until it dries/hardens.

All of these ingredients can be found at a local drug store or health food store. There are even some temporary tooth filling products at the drug store that are the same ingredients, make sure to read the package to verify.

I read lots of other great benefits for oregano oil and oral hygiene. For me I’ve found so far that not only did it relieve the pain but I also didn’t wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth like I have been the last week-since my cleaning at the dentist- that cleaned out my cavity and exposed the nerve. Here is what gave me near instant relief:

Swished for 10 minutes with baking soda, salt and water.
Applied Oregano Oil on the cavity and gum below. It was a 10:1 Olive Oil:Oregano Oil mix.

And now for a little of my more recent tooth history: my bottom molars are very hard to reach with my toothbrush or tongue, to clean, because I have a very small mouth and my jaw muscle sits right where those teeth are. My top rear molars I have no problem with. Well after years of raising kids and being extremely exhausted, and grateful for the days I could actually brush my teeth (bad oral hygiene)- I finally got my youngest weaned and started getting more sleep. So I started water flossing again. It was instant pain, but bare able. Food got logged in the cavities and kept me from feeling it. They have been feeling sensitive and I have been having crazy teeth dreams for some time. Oil pulling relieved some pain but only for a short period of time. I went to the dentist for a cleaning and that made it soooo much worse, because they exposed the nerve. Yesterday I went to get my tooth filled, and I had my Clifford report on the materials that are safe-and not safe for my body. The dentist was speechless for a while, then asked a bunch of questions and finally called the company that makes the composite material and found out indeed one of the materials on my no list was in the material (funny that the package doesn’t contain an ingredient list). So off I went. I did some EFT, it took the edge off, some more oil pulling, and food grade hydrogen peroxide swishing, with very little relief.

Then in the middle of the night I finally got my answers! So grateful!

Today my tooth feels like it would if I had something cold on it, a dull pressure. Thankfully no pain!

I will write a follow-up after I use the at home temporary tooth filling. I hear they can last weeks or years, I actually know people who have had them in from the dentist for years with no problems.

In the meantime I found out through muscle testing that one of the causes of my tooth decay is a fungal infection. I’m in the midst of clearing that with some amazing herbs and a cleansing diet, that I will share in another post.

Happy tooth days

Thank you G-d for bringing me the information and amazing helpful friends at such divine timing.


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