Repel Ants with cinnamon and peppermint

Thanks to my friend Kate I found a really effective way to repel ants, it’s cinnamon!!!

I’ve had ghost ants for weeks and can’t seem to find what they are going after. Then this morning I remembered Kate telling me she resolved it with Cinnamon. So I followed them and saw a huge swarm outside my garage door, I sprinkled cinnamon all outside the for, then jut inside where they enter through the garage, on the corners of the cabinets I’m finding them in, and in the garbage cans. Within minutes they are gone, all I see is a few stragglers trying to make it back outside.

Peppermint oil also works very well so when I get hold of a ladder I’m going to spray some in the hole above my garage that I saw then going in/out of. I’ve used it in the past to wipe down countered, mixed in with some vinegar and water. The cinnamon does seem to be a bit more effective, but either one works great. Oh and they smell delicious, natural holiday scents!

Thanks Kate!



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