Could my body fat be keeping me healthy?

This question is not a typical one asked by someone overweight, but I asked and came up with an amazing answer-YES!

For years I have done internal work, clearing out emotions and self judgement. Learning to love myself, and my body. Thank to Maureen Whitehouse’s programs, particularly Food: A Love Story, I have been able to overcome my mental stigmas and issues and embrace myself. I also have learned to listen to my intuition, my inner guidance. Yet with all this I still could not help but wonder if there is a reason, that is actually for my good, that I’m still holding on to this fat?

Healthy, vegetarian and fat doesn’t seem to fit in the same sentence. However I came to realize, not only has the fat kept me healthy, it’s also kept me ALIVE!

Recently I started going to an amazing NAET physician. She muscle tests me for allergens, intolerances, emotions, hormones, anything physically or mentally that my body has a weakness to. Each session I get two -10minute relaxation periods where I make peace with whatever I’m clearing, and get in some meditation time.

During a session to clear my allergy to body fat (yes you read that right!) I got some divine guidance. Since then I’ve gotten more guidance during sessions that have given me a very clear answer to my question. This is what I have come to understand: Fat is how the body stores toxins. When fat is burned, some toxins get released back into the bloodstream.

Through testing I’ve come to learn that I have been exposed to some major and even life threatening viruses, parasites and diseases, all of which have been stored in my body fat. Now that I know, I can do something about it, and that the way to release all of it and keep my health is by following my inner guidance and continuing with NAET.

This morning while I got to take a look at all my flesh and curves, and my immediate though, I love my body, it’s beautiful!

What an exciting journey. I pray we all can come to love our bodies and realize just how perfect they/we are!


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