Instant Bee Sting Relief


An all natural instant bee sting relief.

Tonight while cleaning in the garage I stepped on a bee.  It was instant heat and pain.  For a moment I had no idea what to do, and then I remembered a few years ago, while on the master cleanse, learning about the many uses of cayenne, one being instant relief from an insect sting.  Not long after I learned about it my friend stepped on a bee in her yard, I got some cayenne out of my car, yes in my Master Cleanse days I would carry cayenne powder on me everywhere I went.  I put some on the sting with a little water and within moments she was fine, no pain, no heat, and she couldn’t feel the stinger either.  She went back to playing with her kids and that was it, the sting was gone.

Coconut oil has lots of medicinal uses and helps keep the cayenne on the skin longer, with water it flakes off when the water dries.  Any oil or even water can be used with instant results.

I’ve used this on my kids a few times,  for mosquito, wasp, bee, and red ant stings.  The red ant sting tends to need the oil and kept on for a while.  Red ant bites are usually on the feet so I cover the whole foot in coconut oil and cayenne and after a few minutes put a sock on it.

How to:

  • lightly rub or spray some coconut oil (or water) around the sting site
  • sprinkle on and rub in cayenne pepper, chili powder should work just as well.  Just sprinkling it on if you can’t touch it should work well too.
  • If concerned about touching the stinger mix some oil or water with cayenne and drip it over the sting site instead of rubbing it in
  • pain relief should be within moments
  • Wash the area with soap and warm water
  • check if there is a stinger in the skin, if so remove the stinger with  tweezers, you can try doing this first, however the pain is usually too much for the person to sit still long enough
  • If the area begins to get swollen or the person starts having breathing problems seek immediate medical attention.
  • Apis Mellifica is a homeopathic remedy that I have in my natural first aid kit.  “It provides soothing relief for swelling, edema, burning & stinging pains. Itchy skin conditions. Use for sunburn, insect bites and stings.”   I always use it for bites, and I have heard it is so effective that some people have been able to use it successfully when they did not have an epi-pen available.  Best to use as first aid while you seek medical attention.

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