An update

I was surprised to see that it’s been months since my last post. Actually I have several sitting in draft, and haven’t had the time to finish them, so prepare for a bunch of posts to come soon, as I finally complete those posts.

We’ve had an adventure in teeth these last few months and I will be sharing what I’ve learned about natural care and healing of teeth.

I’ve been helping family and friends for years and decided to make it an official business. I am now accepting personal clients for my holistic life coaching business. If you are interested in learning how to live a healthier, happier life, contact me. I’ve added a new client questionnaire on that page as well.
Classes and coaching locally in south Floirda and online.

Some upcoming topics I will discuss:
Natural home Cleaning
Is Iodine the missing link to health?
Natural deodorants
NAET updates
Mercury detox
Physical activities that calm the mind and help you feel centered
Quiz: Could you have parasites? Take this quiz to find out.
Fluoride vs iodine
What is bromide and how it impacts health.

Some upcoming recipes:






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