Nerve pain from Wisdom teeth extraction


As you can see from my blog I haven’t been doing much on it the last year and a half, and with good reason, I’ve been in pain. December 2013 I had 2 lower wisdom teeth removed. The healing process was painful and took a long time, actually I am still healing. Half of my tongue is numb and tingly, my left lower jaw is often very tight and pulls on my neck muscles and if I touch the gum area near and between the teeth on the lower left I get shooting pains. The oral surgeon says the pain has nothing to do with the surgery and that my tongue will heal. Yet I had this pain since the surgery, and dentists have told me it appears to be nerve damage, but the surgeon says no. While reading and hearing of others who have had similar experiences I know that it is nerve damage. For some it heals within a few weeks to a year, and yet for others it never heals.

So for the past 1.5 years I’ve been for the most part sleeping to get through the day. I tried working but each time I would take a few days to recuperate. Then my son had Torticollis so I was home with him, then I got worse from the stress and stopped working all together, even my one in a while web design and graphic arts freelancing was stopped, I haven’t worked since, that was in January.

I’ve had some relief, and will share all I’ve been doing to heal.

NAET- an allergy elimination technique, my acupuncturist Kathleen Sorenson is trained in NAET, body talk, cold laser therapy and sound therapy. I always feel better during and after NAET. After a few days the pain comes back, stress does it every time, and being a mom of two young energetic boys can be stressful. I’ve been able to overcome lots of allergies. Kathleen is amazing and has taught me so much. If your in the west palm beach area and interested in her services her website is

Chelation therapy- Kathleen told me about chelation therapy, and I decided to give it a try with Dr. Bruce Dooley in Jupiter, FL. It’s expensive. Chelation is an iv therapy that removed metals and toxins from the body and puts high dose vitamins in. I had a consultation with Dr. Dooley who had me test my urine, stool and blood. I just got the results back and will be speaking to him soon about them. Part of the urine test is getting iv chelation therapy with EDTA and vitamins in the iv, and taking DMPS pills, these pulls mercury and other heavy metals out, the urine is collected for 3 hours and tested. I had no high levels, in moderate levels I had lead, cadmium and nickel. That first day Dr. Dooley recommended I take a gut healing shake and high count probiotics (sold in his office). That helped with digestion but not with energy or pain. I went back in a few days later and he recommended a energy drink he sells, I had bad reactions to it from the moment I drank it. I’m a highly sensitive person. I called him and the company that makes it, they both didn’t know why I had such a reaction and had never heard of anyone reacting the way I did. This happens to me a lot, being highly sensitive I respond to things quicker and with more intensity than most people.

Vitamin C- while researching chelation I learned about Linus Pauling’s work with High dose Vitamin C. After chelation I started the C. Not knowing which to take I got a powder that says ascorbic acid, it didn’t seem to do anything for me. I was taking 10-15 grams a day (that’s 10,000-15,000 milligrams) After 2 weeks I switched to 1 gram of liposomal and L-ascorbic acid in capsules at 6-10 grams a day, I take 3 grams at a time, and in about 15-30 minutes I have more energy, I feel more oxiginated. It’s not high energy, but wakes me up. The first 3 days I was feeling lots of head pain, which hasn’t returned. After a dose of 7 grams at once a piece of my tongue was no longer numb. This happened to me 2 months prior after a week of kombucha, still lots more tongue healing to go.

E3Live Brain On- a blue green algae. I knew the owner from my California days and was on E3Live back then. The first shot was like someone turned the lights on in my brain! I had clarity that I haven’t had in years-since my first pregnancy 8 years ago. I now take it every morning on an empty stomach, the one day I didn’t take it my energy was low.

Probiotics- Dr. Dooley gave me 225 billion count probiotics, the highest count I’ve seen. My son also takes it. Yesterday I decided not to take my 1/3 a dose and had stomach pains, same happens for my son. He’s down to a 5 billion count and has been doing fine with it.

Kombucha-we are blessed to have a local raw organic kombucha brewary, One Kombucha. I have been kombucha for years but never felt much from it. Fresh kombucha gave me lots of energy, no pain and less mental fog. That lasted 2 weeks, then I detoxed so hard I crashed and kombucha hasn’t had that effect on me again. In all fairness I really over did it those 2 weeks, but wasn’t feeling pain so staying up late every night, organizing and deep cleaning the house was easy. I now brew my own kombucha, which is very easy, and doesn’t contain forced carbon as they do in the brewary. I am not a fan of fizzy drinks and natural kombucha has just enough fizz for me. I did find after 1 week of drinking kombucha daily a small piece of my tongue was no longer numb and tingly. Every time another piece does that it gets extremely itch and tight and in a few minutes I can feel in that area. Still half of a tongue to heal, yet half a tongue already did. So I have some hope.

Yesterday I decided not to take the probiotics and had stomach pains all day. However high dose vitamin C aids in healing, so a problem area will often feel worse for a few days while healing. The dead and abnormal cells are being replaced with healthy cells. 20 years ago I had ulcers, and since becoming vegan and changing my life 15 years ago I haven’t had ulcer pain, today it feels like that.

MiPaste- a paste used after brushing, the biological dentist told me it will lessen the nerve sensitivity. I applied it to my gums twice where the pain is when I touch it, I used it twice and it made it a bit less sensitive.

Mouth guard- my dentist recommended I get a night guard for grinding. Since I started using it I don’t wake with a headache and neck ache. My neck muscle still feels pulled, but only a few times I’ve had pain, much better than pain 24/7.

As you see I’m on a path to healing and what a journey it is. I’m holding the intention that by the end of the summer I’m ready to get back to work. I’ve already gone from in pain 24/7 and in bed most of the day, to only needing a nap every few days and much less pain.

Here’s to A Healthy U, and me!


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